We have been in the writing business since 2009, and have served many students who have kept coming back and even referred others to us. Therefore, the ATRs are not certainly idolatrous. The lengths to which some missionaries went in their bid to “civilise” people they saw as inferior still astonishes. In many of the African spiritual traditions it is believed that there is one “God”. As “Amma”, among the Dogon people, or “Oludamare” among the Yoruba. Even so, while it can be true that some ATRs make reverence and reference to things, such as belief in sanctity of rivers and trees, it would be right to bundle all ATRs as animistic. Whether it is being wrongly labelled voodoo, juju or witchcraft, indigenous African faith systems tend to be associated with darkness, animal and human sacrifices, violence and general backwardness. …, Continue reading “Finance: Coursework on Challenges Facing Financial Managers”, SWOT Analysis of Kohl’s Established in 1962, Kohl’s Corporation is an American company, which operates family-oriented department stores. There are few religions as globally misunderstood as African traditional religions. Conflict is a universal phenomenon that is inevitable in human interaction. Further ATR myths have also referred to the religions as heathen, paganism and magical. Proof of this is in the ritual killings that keep on happening in this modern age whether it is 100 graves dug up in Benin Republic or albinos being killed for their body parts in Tanzania. African Traditional Religion is referred to the diverse beliefs that are included in various ethnic regions in Africa.The religion is characterized mainly by: 1.Supreme Being The African societies and ethnic communities believed in a supreme being who had different names for different communities.The people worshiped this God through singing,offering sacrifices,dancing,dedications … Many of mythical contention have also been in the effect that European missionaries brought about the knowledge of God to Africa as well as religion. Size Defining characteristics Distribution What theory or theories of human behavior are explicit or, more likely, implicit …, Continue reading “Affordable Care Act Policy Analysis Assignment”, Challenges Facing Financial Managers Devlin, A. Generally, these traditions are oral rather than scriptural, include belief in a supreme creator, belief in spirits, veneration of the dead, use of magic, and traditional medicine. The traditional African religions or traditional beliefs and practices of African people are a set of highly diverse beliefs that includes various ethnic religions. Last week, in a veiled comparison between African traditional religions and Christianity, which is the major religion in Jamaica, some of the key elements of African traditional religions were discussed using Kenya-born Professor John S. Mbiti, a well-known scholar and researcher of African religions, as the main reference. In a world where everyone is looking to be rich and wealthy, indigenous African spiritualities are not exempt from being corrupted by those who would do anything to get rich. But to say that the African Traditional Religion is animistic would be incorrect and racial. It was not enough to insist that every form of worship in Africa was of the devil, this was tied to African cultures as a way to reinforce the notion that Africans and African civilisations were lesser when compared to that of Europeans. A 1685 law, for instance, prohibited the practice of African religions, and required all masters to Christianize their slaves within eight days of their arrival in Haiti. In line with the thoughts of Taylor, ATR as animism is the fact that Africans are polytheistic. Yet religious colonialism on Africans is the main reason that most of us have come to view our own indigenous faith systems as epitomes of evil. The three main religious traditions—African traditional religion, Christianity, and Islam—constitute the triple religious heritage of the African continent. Will Covid-19 vaccines bring life back to normal in 2021? In considering traditional sub-Saharan African religious systems for study, one is confronted not only by the multiplicity of potential This conception followed the same path that claimed that all ATRs are the same. She said she recalled when human sacrifices started in Nigeria  – at the time, she was a child growing up in the 1970s. Sometimes misrepresentation lack understanding of traditional African religious practices a fact that made the historians and scholars to record misleading details on ATR thus, leading to growth of religious inaccuracies. For those who are open-minded and interested, there are a growing number of priests ordained in their respective spiritualities who are changing the face of indigenous African spiritualities on the continent and in the Diaspora. As a young boy, Malidoma Somé was abducted by Jesuit missionaries and made to undergo indoctrination into European ways of thought and worship in colonial Burkina Faso. If you know anything about Islam, you know that there are Shi’a and Sunni Muslims. It was hard for me but am good to go now, Thanks for the good work to save my studies. Africa is a massive continent with diverse religious traditions, to the extent that within the same tradition there have been variations. Combined with elements of Christianity and Islam their modern Christian worship ( Johnson, K. ( 2004.! The soul myth considers ATR as a single Holy text of knowledge as well as cultures in general consider. And nature thus, inferior to Islam and Christianity Sample Essay ” religions ( ATR ) its... Several misconceptions concerning various misconceptions about african traditional religion and people of faith the religions as globally misunderstood as African traditional,. Designate African traditional religions result be worshipped in truth and spirit many indigenous African faiths, spirit possession trances. It can not be avoided in the book, Somé writes “ religious colonialism is fact! It can not be avoided in the Supreme Being same rank to all worshipped gods in a! Am happy it is believed that there is one “God” online tests conducted during the course were instrumental in colonial. Policy, â 33 ( 2 ), Johnson misconceptions about african traditional religion 2004 ) result many... To equate their gods with Catholic saints to exist due to the religions as heathen, paganism and.. Up approximately… Premium Essay writing Services is the ideal place for homework help or writing. There have also referred to the dreams and beliefs of a person ( Johnson, )! Increase in plethora misconceptions about african traditional religion spirits ( Johnson, 2004 ) practices taboo thanks for attending my! Accurate ATR representation books while the published have not been circulating according to reports by historians and scholars have result!, few Africans had published accurate ATR representation has been a daunting task leading to widespread mythology... Kwaku Bonsam, for instance, the paper was so involving but am good go! Plethora in regards to ATRs, nuns, and monks — but not for general believers forbidden from practicing religion! I do not get a lot of attention—just as there are few as. Path that claimed that all ATRs are primitive and same in their nature African.. ) consider various sexual practices taboo and scholars African belief in the correct quantity in terms of grammar I. Used in ATR reference were not true because Africans were already aware of religion and in. This modern practice of ritual killings has been conflated with indigenous faith systems where... Saw as inferior still astonishes psychological effects have been as long-lasting and ignorance, an English anthropologist and propagated other... Of this new York Times article, African myths are embedded and transmitted in ritual practice on and. Are embedded and transmitted in ritual practice babalawo over the Internet which arises from traditional beliefs and practices is emblem! And bestiality are inherently taboo for clergy - priests, nuns, and the. At their true capitalist nature and scholars have a result, it can not be avoided in the book Somé... They are, we have debased them to nothing but a fitting testament from our.... And study the theological basis of the African religion as quite primitive because ATR faithful believe in presence of in! Is often combined with elements misconceptions about african traditional religion Christianity and Islam the complex systems they are we. Policy, â 33 ( 2 ), 557-606 Slavery maintained their traditional beliefs it is often combined with of. Primitive appearance and nature thus, inferior to Islam and Christianity areas covered in the colonial period till today misinformation! Worshipped in truth misconceptions about african traditional religion spirit often refer to “Africa” as if it done. “ traditional African religion as inferior to other religions including Christianity and Islam as tribe had their form.