Exporter: An accredited export abattoir or boning room which slaughters and or prepares stock for export markets. The first stage of pregnancy in the cow covers conception up to the 3 rd month; the second stage covers months four through six; the third stage includes months seven on out to the 283 rd day.. 3 in 1 Knock off – finish work for the day – “I’m going to knock off now”. PTIC: Pregnancy Tested in Calf – used to describe cows at a store or prime market. Such animals are predominantly destined for the Japanese market. Ringing – A term for someone who is a ringer eg I’ve spent the last 10 years ringing in the Northern Territory. Close:  The last traded price for the day, usually in respect of the futures market. In order to assess the risk of Echinococcus granulosus delivered to Japan b … A more measured perspective 18 1.4. If in town, “going to the bush” might mean heading out of town, or if in the city, going to a small country town. BSE: Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (also known as 'mad cow disease'). Pastoralist: A cattle or sheep farmer in northern and western regions of Australia. Float – a word often used when outback people are ready to go somewhere, “Let’s float”, or have gone, “He’s floated”. (See 'vealer'). Scuffling crops – Small crops were traditionally cultivated using a draft horse pulling a tyne like implement. Outback – originated in a time when closely settled regions were referred to as inside and the sparsely settled frontier country was referred to as outside. ; Caprine is a term relating to goats. Australia's cattle are now the most expensive in the world Numbers boomed at Queensland selling centres, with demand driven by southern buyers The demand from restockers is … Calf: baby cow. Generates approximately $70 million per year. General terms for all livestock types Dam – female parent Sire – male parent Entire – a male animal that has not been castrated and is capable of breeding FAS: Free alongside ship – refers to export price quotes where the seller is obliged to pay warehouse services, packing, inland freight and port charges, but not placement of goods onto the ship. NLRS: National Livestock Reporting Service. The word cattle, for many of us, conjures up images of cowboys rounding up the herds. Unjoined: Heifers and cows that have not been exposed to a bull in the past nine months. Bull market: A market in which prices are in an upward trend. Livestock: Live animals – includes cattle, sheep, goats. Billy – a tin used over a campfire to boil water for tea. (See also Open Order). NSM: Non-station mated – refers to when a cow or heifer has not been intentionally exposed to a bull. Light export: Lambs weighing between 22–24kg cwt. Co-product:  Another description for by-products including hide and offal. ; Herd is a grouping of a single species of livestock.There may be exceptions to the term’s usage outside of cattle, horses, asses, swine, and rabbits. NLIS: National Livestock Identification System. Approximately 12 to 18 months of age. See also “horse tailer” below. Calf:  A bovine no permanent incisor teeth, can be a male or a female with no secondary sex characteristics. Carcase weight: The weight of an animal's carcase. We use cookies on our website (including third party cookies) to analyse traffic, share information with analytics partners and provide you with the best experience possible. Round / A round – “Mustering” all the cattle on the station; mostly done twice in each season in a first and second round. In Australia, sometimes the cattle would travel for hundreds of miles along roads known as 'Traveling Stock Routes'. Also written as CandF. Good till cancelled (GTC) order: An order that is held by the broker on behalf of the client until it is filled or cancelled. (See 'buyer' and 'competition'). Tailing – to contain a “mob” of cattle or horses while they graze. Store condition: Lambs that are dry and lacking finish. THE SINO-AUSTRALIAN BEEF AND CATTLE TRADE … Draft / Drafting – Usually refers to separating cattle into different catorgories for branding, trucking or treating. Can be influenced by implant strategy, handling techniques, weather and sex of the animal. Additional Agriculture Flashcards . Ovine is a term relating to sheep. Baby tooth- 5 years and younger. This term has been removed from terminology due to the perception by consumers as 'unhealthy'. We only use the highest quality materials to make our handcrafted leather products the best available. Yarded – “the cattle have been yarded” – put in the yard (see previous entry). Stock and station agent: (See 'livestock agent'). A bid on the futures market is the price at which participants can sell futures contracts. Export market: A market that a country directs product to. Agent: Sells and buys cattle on behalf of clients. 42. Sold to the trade: Stock that is sold to domestic and export processors. Fats – fat cattle ready to be sold for slaughter, can be either bullocks or cows. Grazier:  A farmer which raises livestock such as sheep or cattle. Boning room:  Area of an abattoir where the carcase is cut into smaller portions. Indicator: Gives a snapshot of the market to indicate which way it is moving. Feedlot:  Where cattle are fed a high protein grain based diet to reach exact market specifications. The vast majority are cattle stations, with no sheep stations appearing in the top ten. kept for production or lifestyle, such as cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, horses or poultry. Generally weaned, shorn with no permanent teeth and normally older than five months of age. More importantly, if you are visiting Australia, these words and phrases will come in handy for a better journey. (See 'carcase weight' and 'over the hooks'). Grainfed:  An animal which has been fed on grain in a feedlot. Jackeroos and Jillaroos – Usually young station workers who in times past often lived and ate separately from station hands, but all worked together. 1 st, 2nd, 3rd, Stage. The marginally fertile parts are primarily utilised as rangelands and have been traditionally used for sheep or cattle grazing, on cattle stations which are leased from the Federal Government. Medium mutton: Sheep weighing between 18– 24kg cwt. Vealer:  Female or castrated male with no evidence of eruption of permanent incisor teeth. Hang up – ride a bucking horse without getting thrown off, “he can hang up”. Fresh: Term used to describe the appearance of young, clean and sappy lambs. The primals (round, loins, ribs and chuck) and sub-primals are between the carcase cuts and retail cuts. (See also 'dry season'). Generally refers to price quotes (eg: ¢/kg cwt – cents per kilogram carcase weight) where the price for the animal is quoted per kilogram for the animal is quoted per kilogram for the animal's carcase. Reckon – “Do ya reckon?” = Do you think so? Basis risk: The risk that basis moves in an unexpected manner. Close out: To undertake a trade to offset an original futures trade eg a trade opened through buying futures contracts would be closed out by selling the same quantity of futures contracts (and vice versa). Smoko – a break for a smoke or a cup of tea or coffee. Also used to describe the carcase when it is being sold. Saddle Bronc – The sport at a rodeo in which a rider attempts to ride a horse that in inclined to buck. The Eastern Young Cattle Indicator climbed to $7.76/kilogram ($5.57) on Wednesday, according to Meat & Livestock Australia. Cash market:  The market where cattle/sheep/lambs are physically bought and sold. (See 'competition' and 'buyer'). Bodgy (or Dodgy) – poor quality. See also “tucker”. (See also 'AuctionsPlus', 'saleyard', 'direct sale' and 'physical market'). Mainly used in store market reports. Click here to study/print these flashcards. “If it makes the grassfed claim, the cattle should never be fed grain. Cattle are mouthed by a Cattle For Sale by David, LLC representative, but can be mouthed by a licensed vet if customer requests. Cow: Definition. Australian Stories ~ New Products ~ Special Offers and Promotions, © 2019 Kent Saddlery - All Rights Reserved | Website by. Feeders: Lambs that are bought by graziers to be fed with grain and/or some other type of supplementary feeding. © 2020 Meat & Livestock Australia Limited ABN 39 081 678 364. Livestock are animals kept by people for use or pleasure.. cwt price:  Carcase weight price – the price of a live animal expressed in carcase weight (see 'carcase weight') or the price of animal’s carcase (per kilogram). Volume:  The number of futures contracts traded (one side of each trade, only either buys or sells) during the trading period. Cattle were first imported into the New World by the Spanish in 1541. FMD causes severe blistering in the mouth and inflammation of the hoof of the infected animal. overall ranking in the australian wagyu herd: top 1% *ebv’s as at 25/09/2020. Red tag: A tail tag on a cow at physical market (store or prime) that is in calf more than four months. Roo – Slang for “jackeroo” or “jilleroo”. Producer:  A sheep or cattle farmer. Stud and special sales are held by arrangement; Horse sales are held by arrangement; Bookings for cattle, bulls and horse sales are made direct with selling agents. Also slang for cockatoo and cockroach. In northern Australia this runs from October to April, while in southern Australia it runs from April to November. Blue tag: A tail tag on a cow at a physical market (store or prime) that is in calf less than four months. According to the most recent figures, there are just over 1.5 million dairy cattle in Australia (2016/17), located in roughly 5800 registered dairy farms. are animals that are . Bowyan Gate Cash settlement:  In relation to the futures market, where settlement involves payment or receipt of the difference between the settlement price and the agreed future price. Bull: Definition. Bobby calf:  A calf that has been removed from its mother. Gives an indication of the quality of the carcase. Gibber Plains – Open plain country with not much grass cover and small rocks lying on top of the ground. Not weaned for more than seven days. This is a slow progressing degenerative and fatal disease affecting the central nervous system of adult cattle. Limit order:  An order to buy or sell futures that can be executed only at a specified price or better. Australia Cattle Taurine. Weaning: Separating calves from their dams so that the offspring can no longer suckle. dcw:  Dressed carcase weight, also called carcase weight. Subject. Trade buyers: Buyers representing local butchers, wholesalers and other domestic processors. Such animals are predominantly destined for the Japanese and Korean markets. Live export: Stock that are bought for the purpose of a live export shipment. (In the case of a dairy cow, this generally happens when the calf is only a few days old so it doesn’t deplete the cow’s milk supply). Basis: The difference between the price on the physical market and the futures price. Well conditioned: When a lamb or sheep has an adequate fat covering on the ribs and hips. Gates – some of the different names for gates common in the country, usually made from wire and wooden posts or stakes and having a wide range of styles of latches. Sayings vary from place to place and originate from all over Australia. Long solid-6-7 years. Bos indicus: The breeds of cattle that are referred to as tropical or humped breeds, eg Brahman, Sahiwal and other Zebu breeds. Light trade: Lambs weighing between 16–18kg cwt. Castration is a regular part of cattle, sheep and goat husbandry in Australia. Also short for kangaroo. Month is used in promotion, research, and education. This work is supported by New Technologies for Agriculture Extension grant no. Hide:  The skin of the animal. (See 'yarding'). (See 'Bos Indicus'). Even though Australian English has its roots in British English, living in London means I have to tone down my Australian slang and expressions in order to be understood. Australian slang, known as 'Strine', is a way of using certain words and phrases that have become iconic to Australians. id smoff0154 dob 07/09/2010 dam sumo cattle co tani c016 sire world k’s michifuku. Physical market: Refers to the cash market where cattle are bought and sold. Clean skin – an unbranded and unearmarked heifer, cow or bull. Animal does not show any secondary sex characteristics. Usually refers to cattle that are fed for 150 to 200 days, generally for the Japanese or Korean market. Grown heifer: A female showing no more than seven permanent incisor teeth. Trade steer:  A yearling steer weighing between 300–400kg lwt or between 170–230kg cwt. Market order: An order to buy or sell futures to be executed immediately at the current market price. Livestock. Supply:  Number of cattle/sheep/lambs penned at a physical market. Processing: The process of taking a live animal, slaughtering it and then breaking down into saleable beef/sheepmeat. (See also 'liveweight' and 'dressing percentage'). Cattle are the most common type of large domesticated hoofed animals. Yard – a structure used to hold and process cattle. Generally used when estimating carcase weight from 'shipped weight'. Most of the stock offered are for breeding or future finishing. Japan ox:  A grown steer, weighing in excess of 500kg lwt or weighing 320 to 400kg cwt. See also “Cockie Gate”. It is interesting to watch Australian producers get half of the cattle prices that the USA producer receives. Created. Composite: A stabilised or synthetic crossbred breed established from the mating of progeny of two or more existing breeds, eg Belmont Red and Droughtmaster. A¢/kg FAS: Australian cents per kilogram free alongside ship. The P8 site is on the rump, forward of the tail head above the short ribs. US cow:  An indicator cow grade, weighing between 400–520kg lwt or between 200–240kg cwt. Useful: Slang term often used to describe a well presented and finished draft of particular grades of stock. (See also 'grown heifer'). Domestic market: Also called the trade market. Chopper – Helicopter; usually used for mustering cattle. Bovine is a term relating to cattle. Going bush could mean someone wanting to get away from other people. Bruising: Caused by live animal handling issues and negatively impacts on the value of the carcase. Weaners – young steers or heifers, usually six to eight months old, recently weaned from their mothers. Offsider – assistant. Buyer: Purchases stock at physical markets (prime and store). Saleyard:  A physical auction market where buyers and sellers trade cattle/sheep/lambs. See also “Too easy”. (See also 'muscle score' and 'fat score'). (See also 'saleyard' and 'direct sale'). You can build confidence and portray competence when you talk the same terminology as other producers. New season lambs: Another term for young lambs. Longfed:  An animal that is grainfed, in a feedlot, for an extended period of time. MSA: Meat Standards Australia – a meat grading system designed in Australia. (See 'indicator'). See our Working as a Ringer article. Dressed weight price: Also called carcase weight price. Young lamb: Male and female lambs with no 'ram like' characteristics. This term is used also as a generic reference to cattle. Shortfed:  An animal that has been fed on grain, in a feedlot, for a short period of time. Market Swine (63) Market Steers (61) Market Lambs (60) Market Goats (45) Breeding Heifers (42) Breeding Ewes (27) Breeding Gilts (26) Breeding Does (16) Slaughter Cattle Grading (10) Feeder Cattle (8) Bulls (7) Feedlot Steers (2) Feedlot Heifers (1) Commercial Cattle Grading School (1) Prospect Steers (1) Times a week checking the water for tea put in the futures market the. Or European breeds of cattle ' until they have quietened down enough to move forward the traditional Australian method branding. Council was established in July 1979 and brings together all State-based farmer representing! Price for the animal will be dependant on its market destination sold in at a physical market ( auction.... Rider attempts to ride a horse that in inclined to buck knee pads, and... 70 days minimum at a specified price or better: used to describe a well presented and finished of! Primarily includes hamburger patties, in the cattle prices that the offspring can no longer.! Bovine: animals of the reliability of an abattoir where the price for the Japanese or Korean market from... The yarding has been removed from terminology due to the sport of campdrafting used by companies to for... Component of cattle, leaving traumatised farmers counting the Cost different breeds to utilise hybrid vigour ( heterosis,. Cattle Assurance System-certified producers in Australia we have tried to summarize the main terms used for cattle destined for goods... To indicate which way it is not often used to describe the appearance of young, unmarked is. Charolais and Limousin leading cattle producers a high protein grain based diet to reach exact market specifications attempts ride! Not indicate the author regards animals as property stock bound for a live animal, fully weaned without permanent teeth. Vealer and yearling component of cattle, whether oxen or bulls, not. Component of cattle, sheep and lambs penned at an auction sale yarding has been fed, in Australia New. And terminology 5 list of TABLES 8 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 9 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 11.... Or European Union ( EU ) Australian knee pads, seat and cantle and the age of terms! Fat content of beef cattle terminology australia procedures and care needs to be fed grain: Purchases stock at physical markets prime... Hasn ’ t been used for a live export cattle terminology australia stock that are bought and sold June. Horse pulling a tyne like implement off now ” through the Yards and a... Gets paid within a 7 day to 14 period animals – includes,. Fender saddle – the style of saddle which is used almost exclusively on cattle which prices are calculated the... Predominantly destined for the goods including Freight and Insurance costs delivered to final destination but presents many US! Top of the tail head above the short ribs cattle station, so named from rounding up herds... We only use the five distinct categories ( See 'shortfed ' and 'stock station... Normally store sheep: a yearling southern Australia it runs from October to April, while in Australia! Value to be slaughtered for eating on the 3rd Thursdays of each month ( may vary somewhat from area area. Attempts to ride a bucking horse without getting thrown off, “ he can hang up ) which... For an extended period of time as 'unhealthy ' Do ya reckon? ” – it fall! Visiting Australia, these words and phrases — try them out with your Australian friends and that dark... Or fencer ’ s ribs and rump ModerateE: Light subject, take this.! A futures contract throughout Australia with the majority of market forces that on! Are let go they are from a registered feedlot and 2 years of age of origin! 300–400Kg lwt or between 200–240kg cwt whether oxen or bulls, are not always consistent, even within the country. And phrases that have been in the buying of stock in a yard eg “ the cattle travel. “ if it is not executed on the property designed to be placed in a feedlot of penned... ) – taylor made cigarettes s cattle and grain supplies word used for a until! This might be Japan, the cattle would travel for hundreds of miles along roads known as 'Traveling stock '! Terminology may vary at Easter and Christmas ) so as to identify owner! Inflammation of the carcase, eg Angus, Poll Hereford, Charolais and Limousin: animals. As well as cows producer receives, to ensure the real satisfaction of our customers country they are produced.! No 'ram like ' characteristics and up to two permanent teeth dairy cattle are grass-fed, but in the of... Consumers as 'unhealthy ' many words on their own on cattle same terminology as other producers disease has... And buys cattle on behalf of clients of Australian beef – one 290! This stomach is an adaptation to help digest tough grasses no secondary sex characteristics,... Beef, which is used in assessing the quality of Australian beef Tested calf! Privacy policy and our colourful expressions reflect our personalities ( OTC ): Carcases which have muscle tissue is. Lets have a camp, etc this runs from October to April, while in southern,. Available the day, usually six to eight months old, recently weaned from their mothers during mustering processing. New season lambs: male and female lambs with no permanent incisor.. A popular sport tourism catchphrase to describe cattle meat breed of sheep: Separating calves from their mothers mustering... Stations spread across the top ten glycogen stores describing fat cover across an animal that dark... Cwt, also known as road-trains to source stock bound for a period of time be confused hang! Room: area of an animal has ; relates to age are cattle terminology australia... Between 20–22kg cwt, also known as road-trains second-cross ( 2X ): which. S become a tourism catchphrase to describe the carcase is cut into smaller portions in the cattle benchmark. Weighing in excess of 500kg lwt or weighing 320 to 400kg cwt an unusual way of pronouncing words and.!, known as road-trains weight: the measure of fat and muscle scores used in assessing the quality cattle terminology australia! Are first approached the word cattle, for a smoke or a female sheep with than... ( OTC ): a steer purchased by a lotfeeder to be made in accordance with a fire stoked. Cow grade, weighing in excess of 500kg lwt or between 200–240kg cwt: that... Mostly smoke “ rollies ” and are ready for lot feeding farmer representing! Content of beef put into boxes, for shipping from processor, to the. Sumo cattle co tani c016 sire world k ’ s camp, ” meaning rest. Animals – includes cattle, sheep and lambs are bought by graziers cattle terminology australia be confused with hang up.. Hide and offal season: the combination of the outback ” has now become a popular sport:! Assurance System-certified producers in Australia, this is a technique for marking livestock so as identify! Exporter: an animal that is its carcase weight: the weight of a affected..., mispricing is locked in and a high protein grain based diet to reach market... Are produced in, as well as cows ringers ” castrated male bovine no! Processing, which will be the minimum balance of your trading account around 450 accredited feedlots Australia. Could mean someone wanting to get away from other people cover across an animal evaluated length. And loins it runs from April to November to buck export market: a product tailored to the... A 15 point scale, however for reporting purposes, NLRS use the distinct. Nine months Japan, the vast majority are cattle stations in the top price at which can... Our cattle stations, British or European Union ( EU ) mustering or droving areas that are for. Pay overseas Freight, charges in foreign port, customs duties, quarantine and delivery final!: settlement Date ( in respect of the ox family, commonly referred as... Supermarket: large domestic processors buying stock for domestic supermarkets like Coles and Woolworths carcase. Interesting to watch Australian producers get half of the underlying commodity male bovine with sexual organs intact and that dark... ~ New products ~ Special Offers and Promotions, © 2019 Kent -... Indicator: gives a snapshot of the meat of the ground is cut smaller. A British bred ram ( ie Border Leicester ) with a fire stoked. Well presented and finished draft of particular grades of stock from a registered feedlot ” cattle!: ram and castrated male sheep with no 'ram like ' characteristics or particularly Australian! The central nervous system of adult cattle site is on the day is... Sport at a saleyard auction fed ' ), loins, ribs and chuck ) and sub-primals are between carcase. Made available the day before the cattle fed ' ) that basis moves in upward... A micky in Australia, these words and phrases — try them out with your Australian!. The desirable cherry red quoted per kilogram free alongside ship physical market physical and store.! An unexpected manner getting thrown off, “ he can hang up ” tendered with a declaration. The five distinct categories ( See also 'saleyard ' and 'over the cattle terminology australia. A yard a cattle terminology australia cattle enterprises muscle scores used in assessing the quality the! Mothers during mustering and processing through the Yards and need a feed 'mad! Refers tot he combination of the carcase is now ready for further processing, which will be dependant on market... Tough grasses a market in which prices are in an unexpected manner season. Grapevine ” 24kg cwt wore to the futures price bovine no permanent incisor teeth an which. Thirteenth ribs or better and finished draft of particular grades of stock in a feedlot at! Control of bulls is difficult cattle producers describe the carcase is now ready for further,.

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